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4 Reasons to Choose Real Meat Products over Plant-Based Meats

A piece of raw meat atop a black board with seasoning and thyme.Despite the popularity that plant-based meat is gaining among people, it has several downsides. These products have appealing ads that attract people. They also promise lots of healthy benefits to customers. However, not everything is true, as plant-based meats contain several artificial ingredients. 

If you want the safest food products, real meat is a better option. Wondering where you can buy clean and reliable meat? Check Productos Real products at EL Paso, TX, to get your hands on healthy meat varieties. But first, read on to understand why you’re better off eating real meat. 

Unhealthy Ingredients

While people think that plant-based meats are super healthy, they contain several controversial ingredients. For starters, plant-based meats contain more sodium than animal meat. In some cases, this is as high as six times more. They also contain sugars, additives like methylcellulose and carrageenan, and artificial coloring. These elements can contribute to heart issues, result in weight gain, and can lead to several health conditions. 

Less Nutritious

Plant-based meats have a much smaller nutritional profile. It contains lower levels of vitamin B12, protein, and zinc than real meat. Not only this, the process of developing plant-based meat removes most of the nutrients present in the plants. This includes vitamins, minerals, monosaturated fats, and polyphenols. Therefore, you miss out on the nutrients of real meat and plants. 

Highly Processed Meat

Any type of highly processed food is not healthy – including meat. Processed food items usually don’t contain any nutrients. The heating and drying of foods to a high degree eliminates all their nutrients. They also contain high amounts of fats that can cause heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure.  Consequently, you’re at a higher risk of developing these conditions if you eat plant-based meat regularly. Some processed meats are also genetically modified, which can lead to infertility, gastrointestinal disorders, and organ damage. 

High Price Tags

It’s no secret that the fancy advertising made it seem like plant-based meat offered promising benefits. In fact, this encouraged many consumers to purchase such products. However, these products are pretty expensive than their real-meat counterparts. If you want to add plant-based meat to your diet, you’ll have to put away a good chunk of your monthly budget to do so. The worst part is that even after spending so much on these things, you still won’t gain the necessary nutrients. In fact, you’re only wasting money on an unhealthy alternative. 

Why do People Choose Plant-Based Meats?

Plant-based meats are trendy. People who follow food trends or hop on the bandwagon opt for plant-based food. People who are switching to vegan alternatives look plant-based meats to prevent animal cruelty. Many people just want to avoid eating high proteins due to health issues or personal preferences.  While it’s no problem to avoid meat products for any reason, choosing the right alternative is important for your health. So, stop purchasing plant-based meat. Instead, you can buy real meat or try out options like lentils. 

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