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Category: Mexican meat

The Sauce of Many Dishes: Chile Colorado and Its Many Possibilities 

Like many traditional cuisines, Mexican food is a blend of various sources. For the most part, Mexican food has a mix of indigenous and Spanish influences. Like the people themselves, the characteristics of the food comes from its history, natural resources, popular crops, and a mixture of native and colonizing cultures. The three staples of […]

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The ABCs of Mexican Meat: Take Your Tacos to the Next Level

Mexican food and summer go together like beautiful beach resorts and margaritas. If you’re in the El Paso area and you’d like to organize the perfect Mexican cookout for friends and family, then Productos Real can help. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about Mexican meat options so you’ll be able to have something […]

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Introduction to Mexican Meat 101

In El Paso, we are so immersed in Mexican culture that we sometimes forget not everyone enjoys such a thorough education and knowledge of Mexican cuisine. At Productos Real, we provide quality Mexican meat to create the most delicious Mexican dishes, but we also acknowledge that some of the meat cuts and types we use […]

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Mexican Dishes to Make Your Mouth Water

Meat is a definite staple for any good Mexican meal. Of course there are the exceptions like chile rellenos and red cheese enchiladas. However, if you are planning a meal to wow your family or guests there are a wealth of meat centered meals that fill satisfy the appetite and taste buds! You can find […]

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Popular Mexican Meat Dishes

If you are looking for delicious food to feed your family, Mexican meat offers a variety of dishes. The trick is finding quality, fresh meat and ingredients. Whether you want a delicious steak or a spicy dish there is plenty to choose from. We have listed a few choices for those that are looking to […]

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The Perfect Mexican Foods for the Holiday Season

Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? It feels like 2017 has come and gone so fast that sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s not still 2016. So as we ring in the new year, why not celebrate with some delicious Mexican food? These dishes, which can all be made with delicious […]

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