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6 Mexican Dishes For a Feliz Navidad

A table full of different types of Hispanic dishes in El Paso.If you’re looking for a great way to get into the holiday spirit this season, why not take a journey back to our roots? For centuries, El Paso was a part of Mexico, and many of the residents and restaurants are impacted by its culture. So, no matter what type of food you typically serve at your restaurant, you should consider using Hispanic food products to serve some of the best Mexican dishes for a Feliz Navidad. Doing this is a great way to incorporate new dishes into your menu and show your Christmas spirit this holiday season. 

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There are only so many Mexican dishes as popular or historically significant as tamales. They’ve been a part of Mexican culture for thousands of years and are also one of the tastiest dishes you can make. Additionally, tamales are fairly easy to cook up, and you can use various ingredients and recipes to make them your own. The sky is the limit for tamales, from sweet to spicy to savory. 


Bacalao isn’t quite as well-known in pop culture as tamales, but it’s equally delicious. Bacalao is a dish that consists of fish, usually cod, and is eaten by millions of religious households across various Hispanic nations. Through the years, bacalao has become one of the world’s most popular Christmas and Christmas-eve dishes because Catholics aren’t allowed other forms of meat on holy days. Therefore, your restaurant will surely see an influx of thankful customers if you add bacalao to your menu for the holiday season. 

Chicken Pozole Verde 

If you want to cook a tasty chicken stew for Feliz Navidad, chicken pozole Verde is the way to go. Pozole Verde is a delightful stew with a green chili broth that is usually made out of jalapenos, tomatillos, and cilantro. These ingredients give pozole Verde the green color for which it’s named and an unmatched flavor profile. 

While chicken is often the preferred meat, you can use chorizo, beef, steak, or anything else as the base. See our products today.


The best way to prepare for or recover from a delicious holiday meal is with a cup of warm champurrado. Champurrado is like hot chocolate on steroids and is one of the most filling and comforting beverages of the Feliz Navidad season. Traditionally, champurrado consists of water, vanilla, cinnamon, milk, masa harina, and Mexican chocolate. The result is a thick, delightful drink that will leave your customers satisfied and festive. With a Hispanic food products company, your champurrado will be better than ever!

Arroz con Leche 

A meal isn’t complete without dessert, which is where the Mexican classic, Arroz con Leche comes in. Arroz con Leche is quick and easy to make and is Mexico’s take on rice pudding. No matter what type of restaurant you manage, Arroz con Leche is one of the best desserts to have on the menu for Feliz Navidad. 


If you’re worried that people won’t devour your Arroz con Leche, you should also add bunuelos to your Feliz Navidad dessert menu. Bunuelos are a thin, crunchy dessert made from yeasted dough and various sweet flavorings. You can serve them alongside champurrado or by themselves, and your customers will love them just the same. 

Who to Turn to For the Best Hispanic Food Products This Feliz Navidad 

If you like the idea of adding Mexican dishes to your menu for Feliz Navidad but don’t know where to get the right Hispanic food products in time, Productos Real has you covered. We have the best and most affordable Hispanic food products in El Paso and specialize in supplying local restaurants. Contact us online or call (915) 594-4488 for a complete list of products and to place an order. 

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