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Category: Specialty Mexican Food

How to Authenticate Your Mexican-Inspired Cooking and Dishes

If you’ve lived in Texas long enough (especially in the city of El Paso), you’ll know that people do not consider “Tex-Mex” and “Mexican” one and the same. When it comes to crafting Mexican dishes, there are specific ingredients and foods used to give it that extra kick of authenticity. If you’ve been searching for […]

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Traditional Mexican Dishes and Drinks for the Holidays

Every culture has something that they are known for cooking during the holidays. Mexican holiday cuisine offers lots of sweet and savory delights that bring feelings of comfort and warmth. These dishes are perfect for the cold weather and have a rich history behind them. Productos Real can help you in gaining the best ingredients […]

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Specialty Mexican Food & the History of the Hangover Cure

Word has gotten around that Menudo — the well known red sopa and specialty Mexican food—works wonders after a late night of celebration and one too many margaritas. This spicy soup is one of those Mexican dishes that has gained a polarized reputation because of its somewhat unconventional ingredients. Yet, it is beloved and popular […]

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Stock Up on the Best Specialty Mexican Food

If you are looking to satisfy your guests with delicious dishes with full flavor be sure to stock up on the best specialty Mexican foods. With a few staples in your fridge you can make a wide variety of Mexican favorites. With just a few ingredients you make a variety of excellent dishes. Take a […]

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