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Asadero Cheese: The Key Ingredient in Mexican Cuisines and Recipes

White asadero cheese with tomatoes and greens on cutting board.

If you think you’ve never received the true experience and delight of Mexican food, one of the things that make up this encounter is the cheese that is used in Mexican dishes. Yes, you read correctly—cheese is a very popular and common essential when it comes to making Mexican cuisines. Not only do Mexican cuisines make heavy use of cheese, but the Mexican culture is also associated with using unique choices of cheese including asadero, queso fresco, and crema. These cheeses aren’t as frequently seen anywhere else as they are in the Mexican culture! You’ll notice—when consuming an American dish—that the taste will come off quite different when you use predominant-Mexican choices of cheese. Overall, asadero cheese provides a different texture, meaning it will also provide a unique experience and possibly, be much more delicious! 

Most people will start eating more Mexican food when they learn what exactly goes into the recipes, but it can be a challenge to find authentic dishes. Unauthentic dishes may guide your experience with asadero cheese down a misleading direction, therefore, you might find that asadero cheese from various restaurants will taste different. It can be hard to find the most authentic dishes of Mexican food possible, so you are not to blame! Some people live their entire life unaware of the savory existence of asadero cheese! We’re here to provide you with everything you could ever need to know about asadero cheese and how to explore more in the world of Mexican food! 

Asadero Cheese: Unique and Accessible 

We can guarantee that asadero cheese will elevate your cooking a little bit more. Asadero makes dishes such as stuffed peppers, quesadillas, and nachos a little bit more Mexican and a little less American. Asadero is ideal when you are trying to become more open to exploring different meals and, like it is said in Spanish, mas sabores! This creates a subtle distinction that is definitely not lost when you are preparing an appetizer for a party or a dish for dinner. You can expect your friends and family to notice the difference between the foods you make and the food that they are accustomed to eating. With this in mind, we can assure you that your guests will take the time to appreciate the effort you implement and enjoy the flavors of asadero you assemble! 

Asadero cheese is possible to be made at home, although it is encouraged that you simply buy it from a supermarket, even from a Mexican-American provider, if there is one near you! Even if you don’t have a Mexican supermarket in close proximity, many American stores and markets should carry asadero (or oaxaca cheese, if need be). This unique blend of mild, accessible flavor and string-like texture of asadero helps to set cheeses apart and give your cooking that extra edge. 

The Origin Story of Asadero

By this point, you’re probably wondering what makes asadero cheese and its origins. Asadero is a mild, semi-soft cheese that is made in the northern region of Mexico. Spanish monks began to establish Catholic Missions in Mexico as early as 1493. Dominican monks that migrated into Mexican land also brought many bits of European culture and influence, including the pasta filata process of making string cheese. Traditional mozzarella cheese was not available to be made, therefore, this is where asadero came into the picture. The monks created oaxaca and asadero cheese because the milk was easier to access. It did not take long before it became a signature ingredient in Mexican cuisine! It is especially on the rise in the province of Chihuahua. Asadero cheese or known to Mexicans as queso asadero is very similar in texture to string cheese. It is made using a special process where the cheese is stretched, pulled, and kneaded in order to maintain its distinctive stringy texture. 

Asadero Can Be Substituted

If asadero cheese is not in your reach or you’re more fond of other selections, you can always use a substitute! If this is the case, the best thing to do is pick a kind of cheese that you like or enjoy the most. Even professional chefs and cooks will admit that there is no “optimal” substitution for asadero, so you do not have to feel apprehensive when it comes down to choosing an alternative! We highly recommend using asadero, although any cheese you like should surely do the job. 

Purchase Your Fill of Asadero with Productos Real

Making cheese is not hard, but it does involve the use of several specialty ingredients and some cheese-specific tools, all of which are offered at higher prices. Thankfully for you, Productos Real is here to provide you with asadero cheese! Our asadero cheese is a perfect combination of Mexican taste and artisan ingredients, all in one! Make the process of Mexican-inspired cooking an inspiring one by contacting us today! 

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