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Category: Mexican Food Products

The Best Types of Authentic Tacos

The diversity in Mexican cuisines goes far deeper than you can ever imagine. There is an endless amount of dishes in Mexican culture, all of which are popular all over the world! Mexican cuisines are highly requested because they are perfect for all kinds of events and occasions. Whether you’re throwing a party, having family […]

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How to Authenticate Your Mexican-Inspired Cooking and Dishes

If you’ve lived in Texas long enough (especially in the city of El Paso), you’ll know that people do not consider “Tex-Mex” and “Mexican” one and the same. When it comes to crafting Mexican dishes, there are specific ingredients and foods used to give it that extra kick of authenticity. If you’ve been searching for […]

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Asadero Cheese: The Key Ingredient in Mexican Cuisines and Recipes

If you think you’ve never received the true experience and delight of Mexican food, one of the things that make up this encounter is the cheese that is used in Mexican dishes. Yes, you read correctly—cheese is a very popular and common essential when it comes to making Mexican cuisines. Not only do Mexican cuisines […]

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Lonches Clasicos: Great Mexican Lunch Ideas for Busy People

Mexican food is a great option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No matter what you’re planning on making, Productos Real has the ingredients you require in order to make your lunch menu stand out as much as possible. Below, we’ve outlined some staples Mexican lunch options. Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas Nothing says “Southwest” quite like […]

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Putting Together the Perfect Mexican Food Meal

Whether you are cooking for your family for a group of guests, putting together the perfect Mexican meal doesn’t have to be hard. it may take a bit of work and the right ingredients, you will have your happy and content by the end of dinner time. At Productos Real we provide quality Mexican food […]

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What Various Mexican Food Products Can Be Used For

As distributors, you probably don’t get your hands too dirty preparing the Mexican food products you distribute. You may even wonder what certain products are used for. Well, our products here at Productos Real can be used to prepare a number of delicious, traditional Mexican dishes. Chili Colorado Chile colorado is a sauce that can […]

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