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Most Popular Mexican Meats to Serve at Your Restaurant

A person’s hand squeezing lime on Mexican meat in El Paso.

If you own a restaurant and want to provide a true taste of Mexico, having the best wholesale Mexican meats in El Paso is important. Only by having the best and most authentic meat products will your food be the best it can be. Whether you have an authentic Mexican restaurant or an American eatery with a few Mexican dishes, authentic wholesale Mexican meats are an absolute must! 

Finding suppliers in El Paso that supply authentic and delicious options are few and far in between. Productos Real is here to help elevate your El Paso restaurant. Contact us online or call (915) 594-4488 to learn more about our products.

Al Pastor 

The only thing better than authentic Mexican-style pork is when it’s done, Al Pastor. Al Pastor is a special pork seasoning and marinade that offers a unique spice and flavor to already delicious pork meat. While there are several different options when it comes to Al Pastor flavoring, the most common seasonings include various spices, pineapple, and dried chilis. 


Aside from al pastor pork, another popular wholesale Mexican meat is barbacoa. Not to be confused with the American version, our barbacoa is made from beef cheeks, which means they’re incredibly juicy, fatty, and delicious. 


If you’re looking for one of the more interesting and authentic wholesale Mexican meats on the market, you should consider Buche. Buche is made from the stomach of pigs and is considered a pork product. One of the reasons that Buche is a popular option is because it’s very easy to cook and prepare and goes great with chorizo, salsa, and tacos. 


Most of the Mexican meats we’ve looked at so far are used in main courses. If you want something on the snackier, appetizer side of things, Chicharron is perfect. Made from pork skin that has been crackled and fried, our larger-than-average Chicharron is great when dipped in queso or salsa and makes for a perfect snack. 


Chorizo is one of the more common and popular wholesale Mexican meats available. Chorizo is a versatile Mexican-style sausage that often gets used in popular breakfast dishes such as omelets, tacos, and burritos. 

Colitas de Pavo 

Also known as turkey tails, colitas de pavo are a surprisingly delicious and crunchy additive for Mexican sandwiches, aka tortas. While you can eat them as a solo treat, colitas de pavo are best when combined with guacamole, salsa, tomatoes, and lettuce. 


If you need to add savory soup to your menu, menudo is a great option. 

Pata de Puerco 

Pigs feet, better known by their Mexican name of Patas de Puerco, is a truly authentic Mexican dish. Because Pata de Puerco is rarely, if ever, offered in American restaurants, it will quickly become a hit at your eatery. That is, of course, as long as you prepare it properly and get your pata de Puerco from an authentic Mexican meat wholesaler. 


We’ll end our list of authentic and delicious Mexican wholesale meats with our best-seller – Tripitas. Derived from the small intestines of cows, Tripitas is a truly delicious Mexican staple. It’s typically used as taco meat, and people trying it for the first time will be truly delighted and surprised at how delicious it is! 

Who to Contact

If you want these authentic Mexican wholesale meats, look no further than Productos Real. In addition to these meaty options, we also offer various sauces, desserts, and many other authentic Mexican products! Contact us online or call (915) 594-4488 today!

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