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Category: Hispanic Food Products

More Than a Breakfast Food: The Amazing Versatility of Chorizo 

Chorizo makes everything juicier, tastier, and more finger-lickin’ good. It’s not just Mexican-inspired recipes, but in recent years, this ingredient has popped up in a variety of innovative recipes from breakfast tacos, casseroles, chili, and even salads. It makes an appearance in street foods, homemade recipes, and delicate high-end cuisine.  It is the ultimate sausage, […]

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A Guide to Popular Spices Used in Mexican Cooking

Mexican food is popular because of the many spices it includes. When people think of Mexican food, they immediately associate these dishes with spiciness, but that’s not all that Mexican cuisine has to offer. Mexican food is beyond spicy—it’s flavorful, simply put. If you’re looking for spices to make your Mexican cuisines more authentic, you’ve […]

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The Secret of the Street Taco and How To Make Them Drop Dead Good

Ok, well maybe you don’t want your guests to drop dead. Especially not as we move out of a global pandemic. It’s just an expression! But let us pretend that you are about to have a dinner party or a small get-together with your closest friends, or maybe even just your family. You’re thinking about […]

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The Wonderful World of Tacos

Tacos are, far and away, the most popular Mexican dish. Followed only by burritos, tacos hold a special place in the hearts of everyone, from hungry college students to busy parents. What other dish has its own unofficial weekly holiday? When Tuesday rolls around, everyone is thinking about tacos. So, if you’re planning a Taco […]

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The Best Mexican Food Options to Enjoy on Hot Summer Days

Some adjectives that can be used to describe Hispanic food (apart from “delicious”) are hot and spicy. Although these are staples of Hispanic food, hot and spicy may not seem as appealing on a sweltering hot summer day. But there are many Hispanic recipes that capture the delicious Since El Paso and the Southwest are […]

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