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Tag: Chorizo

More Than a Breakfast Food: The Amazing Versatility of Chorizo 

Chorizo makes everything juicier, tastier, and more finger-lickin’ good. It’s not just Mexican-inspired recipes, but in recent years, this ingredient has popped up in a variety of innovative recipes from breakfast tacos, casseroles, chili, and even salads. It makes an appearance in street foods, homemade recipes, and delicate high-end cuisine.  It is the ultimate sausage, […]

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The Many Kinds of Chorizo Breakfast Dishes 

Chorizo is popularly used in Mexican and Spanish dishes and that’s because chorizo can be used in many forms for many dishes. Chorizo is seen most in breakfast dishes because of the various spices and blends that it comes with. Eggs, beans, potatoes, the possibilities of cooking with chorizo are endless! Sometimes, chorizo is rarely […]

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Introduction to Mexican Meat 101

In El Paso, we are so immersed in Mexican culture that we sometimes forget not everyone enjoys such a thorough education and knowledge of Mexican cuisine. At Productos Real, we provide quality Mexican meat to create the most delicious Mexican dishes, but we also acknowledge that some of the meat cuts and types we use […]

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What Various Mexican Food Products Can Be Used For

As distributors, you probably don’t get your hands too dirty preparing the Mexican food products you distribute. You may even wonder what certain products are used for. Well, our products here at Productos Real can be used to prepare a number of delicious, traditional Mexican dishes. Chili Colorado Chile colorado is a sauce that can […]

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