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The Many Kinds of Chorizo Breakfast Dishes 

Breakfast burrito with chorizo and egg

Chorizo is popularly used in Mexican and Spanish dishes and that’s because chorizo can be used in many forms for many dishes. Chorizo is seen most in breakfast dishes because of the various spices and blends that it comes with. Eggs, beans, potatoes, the possibilities of cooking with chorizo are endless! Sometimes, chorizo is rarely combined with anything because it can even be eaten as is! If you’re looking to find different ways you can incorporate chorizo into your morning meals, you’ve come to the right place. We outline some breakfast dishes for you to try cooking chorizo with! 


Looking to add a kick to those omelets you’ve been cooking all these years? Chorizo is one of the best spices to help you achieve exactly that. Cooking your omelets with chorizo doesn’t have to be very different. Just like the way you add most ingredients to your omelets, you can do with freshly-cut pieces of chorizo. You can also cook the chorizo and the egg at the same time if you prefer to do that! 


Although frittatas are not as common, they are similar to omelets. What sets them apart is how they are cooked. Fritattas are cooked at lower heat levels and are intended to take up the entire cooking pan. Fritattas are meant to be bigger than omelets as well, which makes them great for when you have a family at the table. These dishes use meats and vegetables, and chorizo can definitely be used in this dish. 

Eggs and Ham 

Nothing goes better together than eggs and ham in the morning, only of course, if you haven’t tried it with chorizo! Chorizo can of course be cooked in the egg, but, if you’re looking to add chorizo elsewhere, this is the perfect time to attempt exactly that! You can slice the ham up and mix in chorizo for an even zestier taste in your breakfast! 

Stuffed Portabellos 

Stuffed portabellos are admired by many and this is because you can add almost anything you’d like to have in this dish. What gives portobello mushrooms such great taste are the spices, meats, and vegetables that are used. It is recommended to use and cook four ounces of chorizo to provide the perfect amount of spice in one serving. 

Breakfast Potatoes 

Chorizo in potatoes? Yes, you read that right. The best way to cook potatoes with chorizo is by slicing the potatoes into several small pieces and adding a bit of chorizo to fry them with. You can use an ounce of chorizo that way you don’t have too much of the spice in your potatoes. You can also eyeball the amount based on how many potatoes you’ll be using for your meal. 

Breakfast Burritos 

Burritos have become a very preferred meal whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner because they tend to be on the healthier spectrum of foods. You can cook the eggs with the chorizo and add whatever it is that you would like to have in your burrito! 

Pork Milanesa Breakfast Torta

Tortas are the perfect meal for brunch. The pork cut is fried, which is the Milanesa style. During frying, you can throw in the chorizo, which adds to the crunch and savor of the pork cut. These tortas are best with fresh vegetables, such as lettuce and onion. In addition to the pork cut and eggs, you can also add in jalapenos for extra zest. If you want to put your taste buds to the test, tortas for the morning are the way to go! 

Huevos Rancheros 

Huevos rancheros already have so much going on. What’s more by adding in some chorizo? Huevos rancheros can include beans so you can definitely add chorizo with your side of beans. You can also add the chorizo to the eggs if you choose to eat this dish without beans. Either way, chorizo is perfect for this dish. 

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