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Category: Food Manufacturing

The Ultimate Guide to Authentic Mexican Spices

In El Paso, you can walk into almost any household and be overwhelmed by the delicious aromas of a Mexican dish in the works. If it weren’t for all the spices, we have now, Mexican food (and many other kinds of cuisine) wouldn’t be as popular as it is today! So which spices exactly are […]

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The Many Kinds of Chorizo Breakfast Dishes 

Chorizo is popularly used in Mexican and Spanish dishes and that’s because chorizo can be used in many forms for many dishes. Chorizo is seen most in breakfast dishes because of the various spices and blends that it comes with. Eggs, beans, potatoes, the possibilities of cooking with chorizo are endless! Sometimes, chorizo is rarely […]

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The Ins and Outs of the Food Truck Business

Everyone has a favorite taco truck. Food trucks are great ways to get a fantastic bite to eat, end a wild night, and explore the cuisines of different cultures. Food trucks are fast, cheap, and nothing short of delicious. The people who run food trucks truly love what they do and have a deep love […]

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What Happens During Food Manufacturing?

As distributors, retailers, and customers, you fall after us during the supply chain, so you may be wondering what exactly happens during food manufacturing. At best, you’re picturing a bunch of people in a kitchen preparing delicious Mexican foods. At worst, you’re picturing machine-made food in a factory that produces dozens of food products per […]

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