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Tag: Mexican food products

3 Delicious Mexican Dishes to Enjoy this Summer

Mexico is synonymous with fun, memorable summers. Many people see the holiday Cinco de Mayo as the unofficial start of summer, after all. Once the sun starts shining brighter, people from all over the world fly to famous Mexican beach resorts (such as Cancun in order) in order to live summer to the fullest. So […]

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Putting Together the Perfect Mexican Food Meal

Whether you are cooking for your family for a group of guests, putting together the perfect Mexican meal doesn’t have to be hard. it may take a bit of work and the right ingredients, you will have your happy and content by the end of dinner time. At Productos Real we provide quality Mexican food […]

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Purchasing Wholesale Mexican Food to Save on Costs and Labor

Running a successful restaurant business includes being savvy when it comes to cost planning. Purchasing food items and planning for food preparations can take a costly toll if it is not planned out properly. Purchasing wholesale Mexican food is a great way to save on products and labor. Not only that, when you purchase from […]

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What Happens During Food Manufacturing?

As distributors, retailers, and customers, you fall after us during the supply chain, so you may be wondering what exactly happens during food manufacturing. At best, you’re picturing a bunch of people in a kitchen preparing delicious Mexican foods. At worst, you’re picturing machine-made food in a factory that produces dozens of food products per […]

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What Various Mexican Food Products Can Be Used For

As distributors, you probably don’t get your hands too dirty preparing the Mexican food products you distribute. You may even wonder what certain products are used for. Well, our products here at Productos Real can be used to prepare a number of delicious, traditional Mexican dishes. Chili Colorado Chile colorado is a sauce that can […]

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